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Efforts intensify to battle corruption involving local government officials and cannabis industry

Law enforcement authorities across the country, including the FBI, have cast a wide net in their efforts to root out corruption among local government officials overseeing the marijuana industry. The crackdown has ensnared local government and cannabis industry officials in states such as California, Massachusetts and Michigan. Charges have included bribery and extortion. While claims […]

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Washington state temporarily bans flavored marijuana vaping products, targeting a third of top-selling MJ vapes

Washington state health regulators voted overwhelmingly on Wednesday to impose a temporary halt on the sale of flavored tobacco and marijuana vaporizer products, making it the second state after Massachusetts to ban cannabis vapes in some form. The Washington Board of Health voted 7-1 in favor of adopting the 120-day emergency ban, which is set […]

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CA vape maker Kushy Punch in spotlight amid allegations of illegal cannabis products; firm says goods not for sale

Questions are swirling around a well-known California marijuana vaporizer manufacturer after its facility was raided by state authorities for allegedly manufacturing illegal cannabis vape cartridges. The case involving licensed manufacturer Kushy Punch – which contends the vape cartridges were set to be destroyed – comes as the industry is scrambling to respond to a?health crisis […]

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Will Illinois change the social equity landscape for the marijuana industry?

Illinois?is set to open recreational cannabis dispensaries Jan. 1 after becoming the first state in the nation to officially legalize adult-use marijuana via its Legislature in June – and the marijuana industry will be watching carefully for several reasons, including the program’s significant social equity component. Industry sources say Illinois’ marijuana companies are at the […]

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Week in Review: Marijuana vaporizer sales rebound, new state vape issues pop up, Californians want additional adult-use MJ stores & more

Cannabis vaporizer sales show an uptick in some key markets even as more state vape bans appear, Californians say they want to see the number of recreational marijuana stores increased, medical marijuana cultivators sue over plant limits in New Mexico – and more of the week’s top cannabis business news. MJ vape sales indicate some […]

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‘Groundbreaking’: 48North’s purchase of US cannabis company signals major shift by TSX Venture Exchange

The TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) appears to be easing its opposition toward Canadian cannabis companies buying U.S. marijuana businesses. The move would mark a major shift for the Canadian exchange and could open the door to more cross-border acquisitions – provided the deals meet strict conditions. The apparent change in stance comes after a Canadian […]

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Defying early expectations, wholesale cannabis flower market remains unaffected as vaping health crisis continues

The outbreak of the vaping health crisis fanned speculation that marijuana consumers would forego vape products and shift to other merchandise such as flower and pre-rolls. But?wholesale cannabis flower producers aren’t reporting a dramatic impact on pricing in the wake of the vaping crisis. And marijuana retailers are reporting a mixed bag regarding the impact […]

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